GCANRx’s Combined Therapeutic Approach to Treating ASD

Groundbreaking ASD Research

In 2017, Dr. Adi Aran conducted the world’s most comprehensive study on the effects of CBD oil on children with autism. It was also the first double-blind placebo-controlled trial of its kind. The results of the study were encouraging, with 49% of one group reporting an improvement in disruptive behavior. But it was also clear that there was a need for follow up research.

Compelling Follow Up Study

In 2019, a second study focused on children diagnosed with ASD, which was also characterized by severe behavior disturbance. The results of this study also showed a positive correlation between CBD and reduced symptoms:


Reported much improved or very much improved behavioral outbursts


Showed improvement of communication problems


Reported reduced anxiety


Improvement in disruptive behaviors


Parents reported less stress on average

Greater Results With Combined Treatment

In addition to CBD, proprietary compounds have demonstrated particular efficacy for treating ASD associated symptoms in preliminary trials.

Each of these compounds on their own demonstrated limited efficacy, which is attributed to the highly complex nature of ASD. A combined treatment with these compounds can lead to a significantly greater reduction of disruptive behavior and core autistic symptoms while limiting side effects

“GCANRx’s therapeutic leverages cutting-edge research and scientific advancements. The Phase II Clinical Trial will enable us to rigorously evaluate the safety and efficacy of our therapeutic, and we believe will further solidify its potential as a game-changing treatment”

- Aitan Zacharin, CEO of GCANRx

Phase II Clinical Trial

GCANRx has teamed up with a world renowned research center to treat 100 children diagnosed with ASD and related behavioral problems, with a combination of CBD, and additional proprietary compounds for up to 24 weeks.

Unique Advantages of the Phase II Study

First Study of its Kind

combining proven CBD with empirically supported therapeutic compounds

Substantiated by Pre-Clinical Trial

as well as anecdotal and predecessor clinical results

Conducted by Leading Researcher

in the field with a proven track record of results

Combination of Compounds

ensures the uniqueness of the study and patentability of its results